Featured Jewelry Artists

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Uli Rapp

Received her Masters Degree in jewelry design at the prestigious Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, NL. Fascinated by the Elizabethan splendor in dress decoration, she translates that wonder into wearable contemporary jewelry. Her collections have developed rapidly in a sophisticated style and use of ‘smart materials’ - she invented a technique to apply medical plastic with textiles.


Marina & susanna sent

Founded their own business in 1993; Applying innovation to traditional methods, they soon established a reputation for producing highly original glass jewelry, which exhibits their endeavor toward structural and formal simplicity. As a result of continual experimentation and boundless creativity inherited from their father, their jewelry is also inspired by their contact with diverse, international design.



Founder of the maison Boks&Baum, Sylvie Boksenbaum began her creative career several years ago in the heart of the famous Marais neighborhood in Paris, where she owned a store that sold luxury knitwear. Globetrotting around the world, Sylvie has created jewels inspired by the shapes and colors of sun-drenched countries such as South Africa, Brazil and currently Mexico. Boks&Baum necklaces and bracelets are the resulting mix of crystal pearls, semi-precious stones, and threads of cotton and silk.



Karen Gillis is an Dutch artist working in different disciplines. In 2006 she started designing jewelry. She has many years of experience as a painter, designer, photographer, photoshop-artist and illustrator. She has a degree in illustration, textile art and fine art. This knowledge contributes to her current designs, but life itself is the greatest contribution. Atmosphere, coincidence, experiments and unusual combinations of materials are guiding her in creating her designs.



Tzuri Gueta  is a multiple award winner designer based in Paris. Inspired from the organic universe, it’s through a deep exploration of the different textiles that he interwinds nature and comtemporary art. He’s performing it in a very unique way by using the Lace Silicon ©, a textile that he owns the patent. Since 1998, we can regularly find his textile creations on some of the dresses of the biggest fashion events in the world and most recently in movie costumes.



Monies is a Danish jewelry company founded by Gerda and Nikolai Monies. We are trained goldsmiths with experience from Denmark, Germany, England, Italy and the US. During the last 40 years we have created a style completely unique. The jewelry is known for its elegance, avantgarde and humour. The unique and handcrafted jewelry is designed and produced at the beautiful workshop overlooking Copenhagen harbour. The jewelry is often recognized by the use of exciting natural materials which we bring back to Denmark from all parts of the world.