2018-2019 Season Exhibits

Season Opening: Friday, Nov. 9 from 6-9 p.m.

$5 opening reception admission; cash bar

Public Viewing Days - $10 donation

 Every wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm

 Nov. 9, 2018  - March 31, 2019

Dan Leahy 2.jpg

Dan Leahy

Friday, Nov. 9, 2018 - Jan. 6, 2019

Peggy Greenfield

Friday, Jan. 11 - Mar 31, 2019


Dan J. Leahy is a contemporary artist born and raised in South Florida. Dan started his personal journey in the arts with film and video in Los Angeles and New York City where he made several documentaries and art films. 

Later moving to San Francisco he started working with abstract art, studying at various institutions in the city. Since then Dan has had successful art exhibitions in South Florida, New York and Istanbul, with his first solo show at the Paul Fisher Gallery in West Palm Beach, FL. 

An interest in pattern and underlying rhythms inspired me to enter the art arena. I connect to the world through the language of lines...from the world of hidden pattern and forms which lie beneath the surface of the world we live in. I take pleasure in being provocative, even confrontational, which my work as I expose a reality that is at odds with the superficialities of everyday life. 

Peggy’s photography oeuvre includes a variety of genres. In one series multiple related images are displayed together to shape a master idea. Individually, each image reflects a sliver of reality, but together they create a unified story of a time, a place, an emotion, an experience or a memory.

Peggy’s work is in private and prominent public collections in the United States and internationally, including the University of California, CitiBank, the Coral Springs Museum, and the Davison Art Center of Wesleyan University (CT).  She has studios in Florida and California and has exhibited at numerous one-person and group shows in the United States and New Zealand.


Israeli Wearable Body Sculpture

Nov. 9, 2018 - March 31, 2019

Season Opening: Friday, Nov. 9 from 6-9 p.m.

10% of proceeds go to charitable funds

Groups of 20 call to RSVP -

Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m.


Orly Wexler

Orly Wexler

Shraga Arad

Shraga Arad